aep format

For AEP created anomalies
Anomaly Exploit Project #: Project number here
Project Name: The name of the project
Level: What level is the project? Low priority? Medium? High?
Authorized Entities: (Who is cleared to know about the project? Which organizations, departments, teams, and individuals?)
Class: What kind of project is it? Weapons? Medical? Materials? Cybernetics? Other?
Project Goal: What is the specific goal of the project? Be concise.
Location: optional Where is the project being executed or otherwise worked on?
Plan for completion: How does the AEP Association plan on executing the goal?
Known/Potential Issues: What are some known or potential issues that might exist in the project?
Bypasses: How is the Association planning on working around these issues?
For AEP recovered anomalies
Anomaly #: Anomaly number here
Code Name: The informal name of the anomaly. (Used when serial numbers would not be appropriate.) Should be concise. Don't be overly poetic here.
Level: What level is the anomaly? Low? Medium? High?
Anomaly Type(s): What kind of anomaly is it? Weapons? Medical? Materials? Cybernetics? Other?
Hazards: What hazards are present in the anomaly?
Authorized Entities: (What departments of the Association are involved in the research of this anomaly?
Discovery: optional Where was the anomaly discovered?

Description: (A description of the anomaly.)
Maintenance Protocols: (How the anomaly is maintained and kept usable for the purposes of the Association.)
Value Assessment: (Detail the value the anomaly has for the Association)

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