Edd Evergreen

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Item ID: AEP-059

Enclosure Designation: Oriens/Meridiem/Noctis (indicate which class)

Threat Classification: Chem/Cos/Phys/Mem/Anom etc. followed by a 1-5 (see http://aepassociation.wikidot.com/threat-classification)

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-059 is to be stored in storage facility-A, locker 34-6 which is to be sealed at all times, except when AEP-059 is being relocated for testing or safety purposes. All Experiments involving AEP-059 are to first be seen over and approved by a designated division IV employee, in addition all major developments gained by the use of AEP-059 are to be reported to that same designated division IV employee.


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