Torque wrench


The best torque wrench is very useful

With a torque wrench you can tighten screws and nuts using a very precise torque. This tool has a ratchet shaft with a pin where you can attach sleeves that have the size you need for the nut or screw to be loosened. The torque wrench has many applications and it is often used when driving on vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and scooters. If you work in the right way, you get a very precise circular force that allows you to set a bolt correctly. You often talk about the click torque wrench with which you hear a click when you have reached the right amount of torque.


More advanced torque wrenches are only used by those who know what they are doing. There are simpler models that are for happy amateurs, but with these, one cannot trust that one always receives correct measurements so they do not fit so well when one needs an exact torque.

Tighten until it clicks
Inside the torque wrench, there is a mechanism that will measure the torque. When it comes to a click key, you should make sure that you do not move on after the click is heard. It is enough with a click sound for the value to have been reached. Most have probably heard how car repair shops use this type of torque wrench to tighten the bolts on the wheels. Here it is really incredibly important that it gets right when the wheels have to sit in place as they should!

When a torque wrench is worn out, it may be that it shows a value that is higher than what it really gives and then it must be calibrated or discarded. There are workshops that can help with professional calibration, but you can also do this yourself in your own home workshop.

Torque wrench costs
One can get a torque wrench just as cheap but then one has most likely got a simple model. The greater the precision you want in the torque the more expensive it becomes. If you need this tool for home use then perhaps a model that costs around one hundred fold is enough, but the professional variants cost more, of course. Then you may need a set with several different sleeves so that you get the right size for the bolt you should tighten or loosen. At a workshop where you work with cars, boats, motorcycles and bicycles you have great use of torque keys and then you choose to invest in good quality. The one who is most interested in that mecca can start with something cheaper to possibly advance when the knowledge and experience of loosening and tightening bolts with torque rotation increases.