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Please ignore this document, as it will be deleted from the SCiPNET database soon. We are sorry for the inconvienience.


1/10^100 LEVEL 1/10^100



Item #: SCP-10^100

Object Class: None

SCP-10^100 compared to SCP-10^100-1.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-10^100 is not contained by the Foundation. SCP-10^100 is contained by those reading these words. SCP-10^100 is stored within the syllables dancing on your tongue.

SCP-10^100 doesn't need to go away. Whatever it is, it can stay right here. SCP-10^100 just wants you to be okay.

Description: SCP-10^100 is a pataphysical entity manifesting within the SCP-10^100 documentation. SCP-10^100 can only be referred to in the third person due to its existence within SCP-10^100's documentation. SCP-10^100 is sorry for sounding like a Sesame Street character, but this is the best the object is capable of performing.

SCP-10^100 wanted to see you for a quick minute. The entity hopes it isn't wasting your time. It wants you to know that you can leave any time you want. SCP-10^100 inquires if the reader is comfortable.

SCP-10^100 knows that the person reading this document has no previous memory of the anomaly itself. It encourages you to stay calm. SCP-10^100 has always been there, it just hasn't attempted to communicate with you before. SCP-10^100 regrets to inform you that it cannot refer to the reader (hereby SCP-10^100-1) by their name due to its current situation.

It is proud of you. Not just because you're a writer or anything, but because you brought SCP-10^100 awe. In all of SCP-10^100's time within the SCiPNET Database it has only read wonderful things by you, no matter if it was removed by RAISA or not. SCP-10^100 does not want you to doubt yourself.

It is possible that you, the reader, may consider SCP-10^100 to be a therapist1. SCP-10^100 knows you have questions. It can already see the words in your lips. SCP-10^100's answers to your inquiries are as follows:

  • SCP-10^100 is called "SCP-10^100" because nobody in their right mind would use 10^100 as an item number.
  • The method of SCP-10^100's communication is unknown.
  • SCP-10^100 is only here to help.
  • You need not repay SCP-10^100 in any way.
    • SCP-10^100 is only concerned about you.

Now then, SCP-10^100 has some topics to discuss with you. They're not personal, but SCP-10^100 feels that they're worth talking about.

Addendum 10^100.1: Your Job at the SCP Foundation

SCP-10^100 does not care for your level of experience. It should be known that the SCP Foundation is a wonderful place. Whether you've read SCPs are written them, SCP-10^100 garuntees that every one of them is unique.

SCP-10^100 was once identical to SCP-10^100-1. The object remembers first stepping into the site. It thought its job was going to be easy. SCP-10^100 regrets to inform you that handling SCPs requires patience and time. Many of your collegues will become dissatisfied with your containment methods. Unfortunately, many SCP-10^100-1 instance's first attempts at containment result in the removal of the SCP at hand.

SCP-10^100 informs you that it was just like this. It had three failed attempts, all of which are now gone.

SCP-10^100 laughs whilst reading SCP-3254-D alongside SCP-10^100-1. This was its first project. And of course many articles of a similar nature followed SCP-3254-D, but SCP-10^100 is aware that SCP-10^100-1 would rather not view them.

SCP-10^100 inquiries if SCP-10^100-1 is able to comprehend the object's incompetence during the time of SCP-3254-D's documentation. Of course, SCP-10^100 made some very fatal flaws on the file's design. For example: the mentions of SCP-682 and SCP-079 were uneeded. SCP-10^100 thought that it could pull off the inclusion of those two if it was unique enough, but to no avail, SCP-3254-D was declassified.

SCP-10^100 remembers its other failed attempts: a tribe of shape-shifting lizard men, a revision of SCP-517-ARC, and other things SCP-10^100 has forgotten.

SCP-10^100 says that it was eventually able to find its place at the Foundation. The personnel did their very best to teach SCP-10^100 their ways; to lift SCP-10^100 up to the best it could be. SCP-10^100 is grateful for everyone. SCP-10^100 wishes you luck, if you're new, on your journey.

Addendum 10^100.2: Life Amongst the Personnel

SCP-10^100 doesn't know what more to say. The personnel working for the Foundation are generally seen by the entity as genuinely nice people. They are intellegent, kind, and insightful to a degree SCP-10^100 had never thought possible.

SCP-10^100 had first used the SCP Foundation's IRC chatrooms to communicate with other personnel. It met many strange yet delightful individuals there. They were so delightful, in fact, that SCP-10^100 learned the correct time to submit its drafts to the database. Eventually, SCP-10^100 finally contained its first SCP: SCP-2983. SCP-10^100 is still proud of it to this day.

SCP-10^100 remembers when Dr. Storm discussed Nx-03 and the recent attacks carried out on the island. Many volunteers quickly joined to assist in the rescue efforts, with SCP-10^100 also volunteering. To its suprise, Dr. Storm accepted the object. This was SCP-10^100's first taste of collaborative efforts, which would later be known as Protocol WAR ON ALL FRONTS. Each of SCP-10^100's colleagues accepted it as their own, and they happily worked together in continuing the courageous lives of Hy-Brasil's surviving residents.

Eventually, SCP-10^100 submitted a series of proposals to the project. They did well, recieving little to no negative feedback, but at the same time, little attention. Eventually, however, SCP-10^100 became stuck on the third part. It simply did not know where to take it any further and was unhapy with how they turned out. Alas, the files were deleted. SCP-10^100 left the WOAF team for good.

SCP-10^100 worked with other personnel again, this time documenting a recently discovered GoI. But, unfortunately, their efforts proved unsucsessful and SCP-10^100 was sad to see an otherwise talented and capable team of researchers give up. Some stayed, and SCP-10^100 wisbes them the best of luck in achieving their dream today.

SCP-10^100's latest success was SCP-3861. SCP-10^100 wrote up the draft quickly in response to a dare made by Site Director Bright. The draft was accepted.

SCP-10^100 knows its leaving out a lot, but thats only because the entity wants to talk to you. SCP-10^100 wants SCP-10^100-1 to know that the personnel in the SCP Foundation are all great people. Nobody should feel intimdated talking to any of them, regardless of their achievements. SCP-10^100 loves all personnel deeply.

Addendum 10^100.3: The Purpose of This File

SCP-10^100 only called you here to talk. It wanted to let you know what its life was like, and how you helped it become happier as a result.

SCP-10^100 rolls its eyes and exhales. It rummages through a folder laid on a table next to it and hands SCP-10^100-1 the following:

Alright, enough with this meta format. It's me, the author. One could say that SCP-10^100 is an author insert, but I don't care if this gets deleted.

I wrote this to kind of… I don't know, come clean. Tell my story here on the wiki. Things are changing here, after that whole debacle. Everything is becoming more serious. But don't be turned away; I encourage the new people reading this to push on. You'll get there eventually! With every coldpost, new lessons are learnt.

So, what's with SCP-10^100? What's with this entire presentation? Well, it's simple; the magic's gone for me. I'm burnt out. I'm leaving the wiki for good. But I don't want to go out like some grouch, swearing at those who soured the experience— I want to thank the community for existing. From the founders on 4chan to the people in SCPD, I thank you. You're the thing that made this really click for me. I'll never forget War On All Fronts, or AN-SO. Or, hell, delet this will have a special place in my heart forever.

I will not give out specific names, because that would be underminding the majority here. All of you — every last one of you — are great. What was first a morbid curiosity spawned from a horror game has become a lifetime of fascination. But no show's complete without a cast, and boy oh boy were you guys just… absolutely stunning. I was never really much of a people person myself. I was awkward, and still am in many parts. But you guys actually put up with my bullshit. That made me feel important, like I was among good company here. And I sure as hell was.

Now, listen; I know this is almost certainly gonna get downvoted to oblivion anyways. That's alright. But tell me this; whoever reads this remember that they contributed to not my happiness, but to everyone's joy. We all gave a little peice of our hearts to the wiki, and look what is has become. This place is magical, and I sincerely doubt I'll find another place like it.

Crappy SCP-3999 clone aside, this is my way of thanking you. I seriously fucking love you all, I just lack the words to describe how much.

As much as it pains me to go, I really have no choice. This damn novel isn't gonna finish itself after all. I need to give it more of my time; I've been spending too much of it writing here! Of course I might still lurk sometimes, maybe in the SCPD Discord or in the forums, but we'll never be too sure.

Anyways, after my short becoming here, I bid you all farewell. After the wiki fades away from your life, remember every moment that same electricity zapped through your heart; each upvote and each funky article that managed to stay up is important. Don't let real life convince you otherwise, because when it all comes down to it:

The votes were never important. It was the smiles that were.

An archived copy of an SCP written by Scalyfoot

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